Where to begin?

I’ve got so many books and writings on my mind. Books I read many years ago and what they meant to me. Books I finished last week which are still stirring in my mind. Books I am reading right now which are causing me to reflect on my family and mental health issues found in families.

Maybe a good place to start this blog is with some of my goals for 2021, seeing as this is already the 1st of December 2020 and the new year is not far away.

My Book and Reading Goals for 2021:

  • Read through the Harvard Classics. This is my 365 Day Project.
  • Listen to about 50 audiobooks.
  • Read with my local book group, The Sunhat Literary Society.
  • Read with my online book group.
  • Read with my JASNA Local Chapter book group.
  • Read what I feel like reading in the moment.

This may seem like a lot but some of the book group readings will overlap with my personal reading and audiobook listening. I may choose to listen to many of my book group choices.

This year I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my lower back and I can’t sit for long periods of time. It is important that I stand and move a lot and so I have had to incorporate more audiobooks into my learning through reading.

Anyway, this is a start. Not sure how well I’ll do with my goals but it is always good to have goals, right?

Published by Teresa Rust

I am the daughter of a Kansas born farm-boy and an Oklahoman girl born during the dust bowl years. I've been married to Brad for 45 years and we have two lads and two lasses. I am now the proud grandmother of Aidan, Jacob and Mark. I love learning! My hobbies are reading, especially history and British 18th and 19th Century literature and I like to do a little knitting. I enjoy traveling and look forward to new travel adventures!

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